Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thematic Photographic 21 - Happy

This weeks Thematic Photo prompt is Happiness. Oh my where do I begin. I have loads of happy photos. Here is my start I'm sure before the end of the week I will be sharing more with you.

Receiving Buddy kisses are always nice and sloppy. But it's a guarantee that a Buddy kiss no matter how mess will make you smile and cheer you up on a bad day.

Spending time with my sister is a blast. She is loads of fun to be around. You can guarantee she is going to make you laugh before she goes home.
My sister is now 13 years old, we are 17 years apart and we are very close. She comes over every Friday night to spend time with me. She is my best friend. Her blog can be seen here (This is an older picture)
These next few photo's indicate what makes Buddy happy. Eating, taking walks in the park, sleeping, and going in the car are a few of the things that make Buddy happy. You can not say the word bye bye or lets go in the car without him going crazy. When you say those words you better mean it. He loves to stick his head out the car window for some fresh air. The first photo is when Buddy was a puppy (he's an ox now). He is so good in the car.


mamie said...

Yep that doggy face would make anyone feel happy. The doggy lick though? I'll have to think about that one!! Great pix for the theme.

(My word verfication spelled "UNDEDRO" - shall we define that as "where we keep our intimate apparel" - I love making up definitions for those!!)

ღ♥Kay~Kay's Blogღ♥ said...

thanks for saying that about me!!
Its hard to belive that buddy was ever that small!

DD said...

Thanks for your blog comments. I have to say that first picture made me happy as well! I love the face of I'm assuming your husband..LOL. It made me smile and I could just feel the slobber!

Melanie said...

Its wonderful that you have such a close relationship witn Kay, I have the same relationship with my mum.

I love the photos of Buddy.

forgetfulone said...

That's so happy! You almost never post pix of yourself, so I'm glad you did. Great post!