Sunday, November 30, 2008

Today's Flower #17

Winter is starting to settle in here in upstate NY. It was hailing and snowing earlier today. This is an older photo from my Lilly garden. It just got done raining when I went outside to take this photo. This is my favorite color Lilly in my garden (so far) I have yellow, peach color, pink, orange and red. Click on the photo to enlarge it to see the rain drops.
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Scenic Sunday 20

These photos were taken last weekend. There was a small dusting of snow on the ground. On the way to my parents house there is a road (it's called the flats the road is flat and it's all open fields) I pulled over to take several pictures. Please click on the photos to enlarge to view it better. When you're done go check out the other gorgeous scenic photos at Scenic Sunday.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Camera Critters # 34

These photo's of Buddy are a little on the blurry side but I love them (Over the next several days I am going to research online various photo editing software programs). On Thanksgiving Day Buddy stayed parked in the chair because he had the best seat in the house to watch Jeff cook dinner (no I don't cook). He sat in the chair and only got up and went into the kitchen if Jeff was doing a taste test, Buddy thought he should test the food too. If Jeff was at the stove Buddy didn't take his eyes off from him, Buddy would either be in the chair watching or sitting so good by Jeff's side hoping to get a taste of something yummy. Check out the other cute critters at Camera Critters, if you have a critter photo we would love to have you join u.

Friday, November 28, 2008

More WWE Smackdown Photos

These photos are from this past Tuesday night we went to WWE Smackdown. Overall I am pleased with the photos but wish our camera had more of a zoom on it. After the holidays we are going to start saying to invest in a better camera with more zoom (I already have my eye on one). Please click on the photo's to enlarge them for better viewing.

We had awesome seats! I was able to get box seats from my employer. We had a great view of the ring. The arena was packed. There were only a small handful of empty seats. We got to see 2 Smackdown Shows (they will be aired tonight Fri. 11/28 and Fri 12/5)
I am drawing a blank I can not for the life of me think of the name of this big screen monitor. Under the monitor is where the wrestlers walk out. This is Carlito the wrestler.

This is Edge the wrestler walking out. Hard to see but if you click on the photo to enlarge it you can see Edge walking down the ramp to the ring.

Being that we got to see 2 shows we got to see a whole lot of Triple HHH (and I'm not complaining about that one bit). I got a lot of great photo's of him.
It was a great night and I can't complain the whole evening cost us about $20 (dinner at McDonalds and bag of popcorn and hotdog at the arena - tickets and unlimited drinks were provided by my employer). Next time I would love to go see WWE Raw (I prefer Raw over Smackdown but still it was fun).
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Sky Watch #20

This photo was taken this past May while we were visiting family in Connecticut. If you click on the photo to enlarge it you will see that there are 3 helicopters going overhead, they were flying pretty low.
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Letter S

I am really excited about this week's ABC Wednesday Letter S. The letter S couldn't have came at a better week. On Tuesday night Jeff and I went to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) Smackdown event. The event was taped for TV (it will be on this Friday and next Friday). It was so cool we got to see not 1 but 2 Smackdown events. It was the price of one show but we got to see 2. It was fantastic. I received the tickets through my employer (box seat) the seats were fantastic, had an awesome view. The only thing I wish is that our camera had more of a zoom on it (currently own a FujiFilm E900 9.0 Mega Pixel). I would love to hear suggestions on a camera that has more of a zoom. Enough bragging lets get on to the pictures.

The first picture is the Smackdown Ring. The rest of the photos are from the Steel Cage Match between The Big Show and The Undertaker (this part of the show will be aired on TV Next Friday 12/5). If you are a wrestling fan be sure to check out my blog over the next several days
check back for more of my favorite photos from the event.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Camera Critters # 33

I love this photo of Buddy (okay I love all the pictures of Buddy) but this is one of my many favorites. He is such a stud, so handsome!! Look at that pose!! I just want to kiss and cudde him!

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Friday, November 21, 2008

SkyWatch - 19

Welcome to SkyWatch! I took these photo's last Saturday. I went outside for something and when I walked out the door there was clear shot of a full moon. I quickly ran back in and grabbed my camera. I'm only an amateur photographer so they are not perfect shots by any means.

The first photo is better viewed if you click on it to enlarge. When you large the photo you can see a little
speck of white, that's the moon. The second photo is also better viewed if you click on it to enlarge. This photo I shot through the tree branches to give it that cold winter (creepy) kind of feeling. Hope you enjoyed my photos, now hop over to SkyWatch and check out the other sky photos from all around the globe (it's an awesome meme).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Letter R

Oh my goodness I almost forgot about my ABC Wednesday post. I have had my days mixed up all week I didn't think today was Thursday which means tomorrow is TGIF FRIDAY!!!
This post will be a two parter.
ABC Wednesday Letter R - Real Funny

These photo's where taken when we first got Buddy. He hated the water. Can you imagine a Lab that doesn't like the water. LOL! Now he loves the water we have a heard time getting him out. Jeff and I took Buddy into the water and some how I manage to fall and Buddy saw me as an escape to get out of the water so he jumped on me. LOL! What a heck of a time we had because both Jeff and I were laughing so hard.

ABC Wednesday Letter R (part 2) Relaxing
Tigger (our cat) is relaxing out in the sun. He loves to sun bath. What a life!
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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Today's Flower #15

Welcome to Today's Flower's. I am by far no gardener but I love Today's Flowers meme because you get to see gorgeous flowers from all around the globe.

These photos were taken, can you guess where? Yes, that is correct at the tulip festival. Again I apologize I do not know the name of the flower. Next year when we go I will take a photo of the flower and the the sign telling you what type of flower it is (I know I know Jeff has told me to do this in the past but I never listened, I thought it was silly but actually it's not)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Camera Critters #32

I love this photo of Buddy. I love the look at that cute face of his. This photo was taken today. He was looking at his Dad (Jeff).
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SkyWatch - 18

These photos were taken May 30, 2008 while we were in Connecticut visiting family. The sky all of a sudden opened up and it poured and hailed and then it stopped and it got bright and there was a rainbow. In the one photo you will notice there was a double rainbow. It was big rainbow, my Sister In Law wanted to go to the Casino and she kept saying that at the end of the rainbow was the Casino was a lucky day to. We never did make it to the Casino (really not my thing so it didn't bother me any) I much rather stay home and take photo's of the rainbow, just wish those wires weren't in the way. Remember you can click on any of the photos to enlarge them.
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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Letter Q

This week's photo prompt at ABC Wednesday is the letter Q. This was a tricky one. This week the letter Q is for Queens. These pictures are from 2006. Jeff and I took Kayla (my sister) to Massachusetts for a day outing to Yankee Candle and the Butterfly Museum. It rained buckets that day but it didn't stop us from having fun. At Yankee Candle in the Bavarian section they had King and Queen chairs and hats. We had fun posing in the various hats they had. If you enlarge the photos of me (the one in the pink yes my hat reads King, I didn't know it until I saw the pictures, would explain why Jeff and Kayla were hysterical laughing at me, nothing like a good laugh at my expense). I must add one other thing I HATE my picture. There I feel better. LOL!

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Here's the King and Queen

Monday, November 10, 2008

That's my World - IV

Welcome to my part of the world (Upstate New York). Every where you look these days the trees either have one leaf left on them or they are completely bare. All of the leafs are on the ground. I personally love the look for the leafs on the ground. I think it looks so pretty. Winter is slowly creeping in. I can't complain I do want one huge snow storm that shuts everything for miles around down, I love playing with our dog in the snow, he's such a riot.

Sit back, relax and go to That's My World and take a photo tour around the world (you'll be glad you did).