Friday, October 31, 2008

SkyWatch 16

Skywatch Friday is an awesome meme of people from all around the globe sharing their sky pictures. It is so interesting and the photos are out of this world. Be sure to check it out.
This picture is of the Castle in Walt Disney World Florida USA 2006 Trip. I love this picture of the castle with the blue sky and clouds just makes it look even more like a fairy tale. We lucked out we got to the Magic Kingdom early enough where there weren't that many people in front of the castle.
Would love to see your skywatch photos, enjoy in on the fun here


Louise said...

Beautiful shot!!

Annie said...

Thanks for that shot certainly does look quite magical!

I hopped over to your other blog..those cards look very interesting...and I read your post about your baby Dylan. Lovely photos you have! How sad for you, and yet, as you say, we always have to look at the positives don't we to be able to move forward in life!

I lost my husband when the kids were small, and that was very sad too. Now they are all grown up and with families of their own. And now my puppy has moved on too..she was 14 years old. Life is sad sometimes, but we have to say Thanks for the time we spent with them, and for lots of other stuff too!


ps I managed to capture a SUN HALO this week for my skywatch blog...have you ever seen one? I hadn't!

Bradley Myers said...

A magical place no matter how old you are. A great sky watch post.

fishing guy said...

Chrissy: That is a neat shot of the castle into the sky.

Greyscale Territory said...

Definitely a stunning, fairytale shot! A beautiful real dream!

Mike said...

Fairytale land! I want to go one day.

Kahshe Cottager said...

A castle in the clouds ... just like the fairy tales!

Klaus said...

What a cool picture! Wonderful!
Cheers, Klaus

Pearl Maple said...

Sweet photo, can never be too much Disney in my books, it is a fairy tale adventure land.

Thanks for sharing with Sky Watch Friday.