Saturday, August 23, 2008

More Lake George / Silly day with my Sister

Jeff took this picture of the pier. Out of all the times we have visited Lake George this has been the least busiest. Usually it is packed with people.
Couldn't have asked for a better clearer day. This picture was taken up top of the pier were you can look out over the lake. (Great view up there).
Minus the sun streak this picture cracks me up. It looks like I'm having an actual conversation with Mr. Pirate. I didn't even realize Jeff snap this picture until we got home. Looks like I'm offering him some Pepsi.
This is my sister Kay. So hard to believe this girl is 13 already!!! She was a good sport today she let me do her hair (maybe not the brightest idea).
This is Kay (my sister) being.......Kay (herself). She is a goofy girl and a lot of fun to be with. She is a camera hog but it doesn't bother me I rather be behind the camera she prefers to be in front of the camera.

I like how the Lake looks so peaceful and relaxing. I love visiting Lake George. Our next adventure in a few weeks will take us to MA to the Big E Fair, never been there before but look forward to going. I return to work this Monday and I'm counting down to my next vacation in 3 weeks (hey don't we work for the weekend/vacation time)!!!!
I am looking to invest into a good photo editing program what are your sugestions? I am looking for one that you can remove images from the picture, if blury can clean it up a little, the basics nothing overly fancy.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lake George NY

I had the week off from work, and it's winding down to the end almost. Today Jeff and I took a day trip up North to Lake George NY it's aprox. 2 hour drive from our house. When we first got together (11 years ago) we used to go to Lake George every Summer, it has to be about 2 years since we've been up there. Today we we went to Gooney Golf (19 hole mini-golf). Out of all the years we've been to Lake George even as a child with my parents I always wanted to go to Gooney Golf but for some reason never made it there. Today my wish came true (LOL) and I got to go not once but twice (hey I'm a kid trapped in an adult body). We went early this morning and then later in the day when the sun was coperating more for picture taking.

This is Humpty Dumpty, he is one of the mini-golf holes. Each hole had a different theme (kangaroos, Cinderella's carriage, alligators, dinosaurs etc). This hole you had to get the ball through the grids on the bottom then out the other side into the actual hole. Each spot had 2 task (you had get the ball through something then in the actual hole)
This is my hole in one!!! GO CHRISSY!!! Yes, Jeff got a hole in one too and yes we do have a picture but who wants to see that? LOL!

The A&W Restaraunt. Yummmmmmyyy.......can't go to Lake George without eating here. The food is delicious and the prices are fantastic too. OOOH and not to forget the out of this world root beer floats, yummy! The scrapbooker in me had every intention to take a picture of the food when it came but that didn't work out once I started eating I couldn't stop and the idea of the picture went to the curb.

We sat down my the river for awhile watching the boaters and pairasailers. It was such a gorgeous day. I thought this picture was cool, it's our reflect in the water (see how clear and clean that water is) when a duck came passing by.

This is the many pictures of the lake we took today. It was such a beautiful peaceful day on the lake. Couldn't have asked for a nicer day.