Thursday, November 20, 2008

ABC Wednesday - Letter R

Oh my goodness I almost forgot about my ABC Wednesday post. I have had my days mixed up all week I didn't think today was Thursday which means tomorrow is TGIF FRIDAY!!!
This post will be a two parter.
ABC Wednesday Letter R - Real Funny

These photo's where taken when we first got Buddy. He hated the water. Can you imagine a Lab that doesn't like the water. LOL! Now he loves the water we have a heard time getting him out. Jeff and I took Buddy into the water and some how I manage to fall and Buddy saw me as an escape to get out of the water so he jumped on me. LOL! What a heck of a time we had because both Jeff and I were laughing so hard.

ABC Wednesday Letter R (part 2) Relaxing
Tigger (our cat) is relaxing out in the sun. He loves to sun bath. What a life!
Check out the other photos at ABC Wednesday


Dragonstar said...

Thanks for visiting mine.
I love those photos of you and Buddy! Years ago we lived on an island with two dogs, and they adored the water (half spaniel, so maybe that's why.) If I'd slipped they'd have leaped all over me - but only because it would make such a great game!
The photos of Tigger relaxing are fun, too.

Sailor Girl said...

Real funny and Real sweet!! I adoRe cats and dogs, they'Re the best of fRiends!!

On behalf of ABC TEAM I thank you foR youR wondeRful contRibution and ask you to please staRt thinking about «S»! hehehe

Melanie said...

Hahaha, those photos of Buddy and you are priceless. Poor thing looks terrified too. lol

Jay said...

You two do look as if you're having fun! Aren't dogs wonderful companions? And cats help you relax just by looking at them, they're so good at it!

What a shame Mr Linky wasn't working this week. I'm sure you'd have had a lot more visits ... as would we all, I guess!

Rambling Woods said...

Awww....looks like very lucky pets live at your house...

forgetfulone said...

Those are some real funny photos!