Sunday, September 14, 2008

Peanut Butter Dog

First I must say the first picture of Buddy is my favorite. When we first purchased Buddy he was about 4 weeks old and was a wild little puppy. We hired a dog trainer and he came out and he gave us some guidance on how to discipline Buddy and he also mentioned a Kong (<--- click for more info on a kong) would occupy Buddy and keep him out of trouble. Well 2 years later Buddy is well behaved and he finally (just recently) got his Kong. We fill his Kong with peanut butter. Today the peanut butter jar was just about empty so Jeff gave the container to Buddy (yes he is spoiled). Buddy loved every minute of it.

And yes, we vacuum our rug every evening but you can tell it is filled with dog hair. That is because our house is built on dog fur and we wouldn't have it any other way. Well I would have a better color rug (its the original rug in the house, that's our next be project new rugs).


Melanie said...

How expressive is that first photo, Buddy is such a cutie.

Looks like he gives you 'that' look and he gets what he wants. Don't worry our Tyson is the same. lol

Kay Kay said...

Peanut butter jelly time=]