Sunday, September 7, 2008

Handsome Dog

Buddy (our dog) hates to have his picture taken. When you turn on the camera it makes a beep and as soon as he hears the beep he gets up and moves. Tonight I was surprise that he laid on the bed and let me take his picture, not one not two pictures but 25 pictures! I have to play with the other settings on my camera to see if I can get the pictures without the "Pet Eye".

I love the first picture of him looking up, that was perfect timing. I will be scrapping that one for sure!

A little background on Buddy: He is a full breed yellow lab. He is 2 years old he will be 3 this February. He is very spoiled and he knows it. He loves to go in the car. We can not even spell the word ride in our house Buddy will go nuts he knows what it means. Laugh but I'm serious. If you say the word "Bye Bye" you best be taking him "Bye Bye" in the car with you otherwise you will have to wrestle him away from the door. This big ox sleeps on the bed with us, and when he's cold he goes under the covers. He's our buddy!


forgetfulone said...

No photo? I wanna see Buddy!

Melanie said...

Buddy is gorgeous Chrissy, its funny that he can spell ride. lol